Colour Choices

Do you want your stationery to fit in with the colour scheme you have chosen for your wedding, or do you want to stick with the colours shown in my galleries? Think about how changing the colour of the ribbon and /or the belly band, together with the decorative highlights like images or diamante can give your invitation a completely different look.

In most invitation styles it is in the ribbon choice that the colour signature comes into play. I love colour and seeing the a couple’s colour scheme come together on their invitation always gives me great joy.

I understand that getting the colour right is very important, and because colours are notoriously difficult to describe, here is a colour chart to help to make sure that we understand each other when it comes to the colour of your ribbons. When you order, it would really help me if you refer to the colours by these names. Please bear in mind that computer screens will show these a little different from the real thing, but the chart will give you a pretty good idea.

ribbbon colours

If you don’t see quite what you are after, don’t worry – I will try to source ribbon form a different supplier.  It helps if you can send me an image or a link to the colour you have in mind.