Customise it

I am happy to make invitations exactly as shown in my design gallery, but also love it if you want to add your own personal stamp on the design, for example by choosing your own special colour scheme, or adding an image, symbol or quote to the design. We can discuss options by email, on the phone, or if you’re in the Portsmouth & Southsea area we can get together for a face to face chat – this way I can show you colour samples etc.

Before we have our first talk about your invitations, you might want to think about some of the things listed below.  Think about:

Colours and decorations

Choose the type of card stock: I offer a choice of white or ivory colour, and in either colour hammered or linen texture.  All are high quality 255 gsm card stock.  If you have special requests for a different type of card stock, please just ask and I’ll see what I can do.

See Card Stock options

Next decide the colour of your decorative highlights: Do you want your stationery to fit in with the colour scheme you have chosen for your wedding, or do you want to stick with the colours shown in my galleries? Think about how changing the colour of the ribbon, the motif or the wording can give your invitation a completely different look.

Colours are notoriously difficult to describe – to make sure that we understand each other, please have a look at the ribbon colours from my supplier, and when you order, refer to the colours by these names.  Please bear in mind that computer screens will show these a little different from the real thing, but the chart will give you a pretty good idea.


Most of my designs come in a recommended format, but if you prefer to change this, or if we are starting from scratch with a custom design, I offer invitations in the following formats:

Lizzy Lemon Classic Trifold format:

Most of my designs are based on this format, as it’s my favourite, and it has turned out to be a favourite with brides and grooms too.  It is an A4 piece of card folded into three segments of DL size, which are held together with a paper wrap and a ribbon.  This format is great for couples who want to include some additional information, but like the idea of everything being neatly in one place. This style appears to be unique to Lizzy Lemon – I have not seen it offered by any other stationers.

Layered format:

These invites are made up of multiple layers of flat cards (A6 size), held together with a ribbon in the top left corner, or a card wrap ties with a ribbon.  The basic two-layered invitation will usually have the design on the front layer and the invitation wording on the second layer, much as a greetings card would have. But this format also allows you to include additional information very neatly by including additional layers that are all held together with the ribbon or fastener to form your multi-layered invitation. e.g.:

  • layer 1: design /cover;
  • layer 2: invitation words;
  • layer 3: accommodation, directions and gift information;
  • layer 4: rsvp (guest will be able to open up the ribbon or fastener to detach the card to return to you).

Each layer can be printed single or double sided.

Flat card format:

Flat cards are a great option for evening guests, or for the additional layers or cards you may need with your invitations, such as RSVP cards.

Booklet style:

I have added a further format when I created a custom order for a couple that wanted vintage book style invitations.  I haven’t yet used it to adapt to other designs, but that might one for the future…